Tap Dance Day 2011

Contest Rules

Contest Rules

Now excepting video submissions for 2012 
which is refunded to you at the contest
so it is FREE

Contestants must be at least 10 years old, and if you are under 18 you must be accompanied by an adult guardian at all times. 

To audition for  SoYouThinkYouCanTap™ May 2012 in San Francisco send a short (1-5 mins) video to  challenge@soyouthinkyoucantap.com.  Or if you prefer send us a utube link so we can see and hear you.
Include in your submission your name and contact email and telephone number.
We will notify you within 7 days.
Please do not send your entry fee until we contact you.

There will be a 11:00AM call,sound-check and run through at the Royce Gallery 2901 Mariposa St SF CA 94110. 
Contestants (and guardians) must be on time for the 11 AM call or you will not be eligible to dance.  Doors open at 10:30.
You will be required to remain on site until 11 PM.  You will be fed. You will be finished with the group picture at 11 PM.
In the evening show contestants will  perform several 1 minute (max) tap dance improvisations on the main stage.  
Contestants also participate in a tap challenge.  
Extreme costuming is not encouraged. 
For info on MIDITAP go to xtremetap.com.

Contestants are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times.  
Rude, inappropiate behavior on or off stage will be grounds for disqualification.
The decision of the judges is final.
Contestants are required to sign a release allowing their image to be used and to release
the producers,staff,location from any liability for injury or other misfortune.
No other musicians may accompany the dancer.
Contestants may not add props after the sound-check.  All costumes must be age appropriate and shoes must be in good repair. (no loose screws or sharp edges)

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